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  • Amanda Stobbs

Successful Outcome following Early Advice

Sometimes it really pays to get early advice. This scheme, for the demolition of a domestic garage with construction of a new residential dwelling in its place, benefited significantly from obtaining early arboricultural and engineering advice and pre-application discussions with the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council’s planning team.

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the two substantial Scots Pines, set back from but forming an important feature in the street scene, Tyler Parkes engaged an arboriculturist to not only advise on the importance of these two trees, both subject to a Tree Preservation Order, but also to liaise with engineering specialists to develop an appropriate foundation design. Addressing this level of detail at pre-application stage meant that whether the scheme could be acceptable to the Council’s landscape officer were resolved before the planning application was submitted.

Tyler Parkes’ architectural team designed a scheme that worked with the foundation solution whilst the planning team pulled together all the necessary reports and put together a planning application package, robustly addressing the policy context.

After negotiation over parking standards, whereby a reduction in parking to the retained property was accepted due to the site’s accessibility, the scheme was approved under delegated powers on 18 June 2021.


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