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  • Amanda Stobbs

Submission of a Substitute Scheme

We are pleased to be supporting one of our long-standing clients in the submission of a detailed planning application for a three-dwelling scheme in the Green Belt.

Our Planning Team previously supported the client in securing Prior Approval for the conversion of the existing barns to a five-dwelling scheme; now they propose to substitute this scheme.

Our Architectural Team provided all design services including 3D views and modelled comparisons of the Prior Approval scheme to the proposed scheme, demonstrating the reduced scale of the development, as part of the argument that there will be less harm arising from the new scheme on the openness of the Green Belt.

We have prepared a supporting statement, which sets out the benefits of the new scheme in comparison to the fallback of the approved Prior Approval scheme. This includes the new scheme’s reduced scale and form, the opportunity to enhance the site’s landscaping and thereby ecological value, the improved residential amenity and functionality of the buildings, and the ability to address climate change.

The application was submitted in June 2022 and we are in close liaison with the planning officer and actively monitoring the application’s progress.


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