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  • Helen Winkler

Solihull MBC Aim to Adopt New Local Plan by the End of 2021!

Councillors will consider an updated timetable for the Solihull Local Plan review at the ‘CPH Climate Change, Planning and Housing’ decision session on 27th January 2021. The proposed revision to the ‘Local Development Scheme’ document will then need final approval by Cabinet members on 2nd February 2021.

The revised timetable is set out as follows:

Winter 2020/21 / spring 2021 – Submit plan for examination

Spring & summer 2021 – Independent examination of the plan

Autumn 2021 – Adoption of the plan.

The report accepts that there are a number of factors which may mean the timetable slips to late 2021 or spring 2022.

The Council have received comments from 950 separate representors to the Solihull Local Plan review, which will need to review and assess. These representations may mean that a revision to the plan is necessary or additional evidence or analysis is needed to support the plan.

Keep an eye on our website for details.


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