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Reminder! Extension of time limits on existing permissions

Regular visitors to our website will recall that we alerted you that the Government was proposing an automatic extension to existing planning permissions that have not yet been implemented?

Provisions are currently being fast tracked through Parliament via the Business and Planning Bill. The next key date will be 20th July Committee stage in the House of Lords. It seems likely that the Government will want this progressed before the Parliament breaks up for the summer, which is 29th July. The Bill allows the extension of planning permissions to come into force at the end of the period of 28 days from the day on which the Act is passed – so that could be in place by late August.

What does this mean for existing planning permissions? The new provisions will mean that a yet unimplemented planning permission will be automatically extended if it has not expired by that date. If the permission has expired by that time, it will require an additional environmental approval.

Contact our Planning Team for more details.

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