• John Baggott

New Family Homes at the Heart of a Sustainable Settlement

We are delighted to confirm that we have recently secured full planning permission for the erection of 3 large detached family homes in the village of Dorridge, within Solihull Metropolitan Borough, on behalf of our clients.

The scheme, designed by our in-house Architects, proposed the demolition of a large single detached dwelling to be replaced by 3 detached dwellings of a traditional design to reflect the scale, character and appearance of existing established development in this residential area. This is a sustainable site located within the built-up area of Dorridge just a short walking distance of the village centre and the range of shops of services found therein, including bus and rail services.

The application site is the subject of a Tree Preservation Order, and working in conjunction with BJ Unwin Forestry Consultancy Ltd, we developed a layout which preserved the majority of the trees on site, which was supported by Council Officers, with those trees lost to the development supplemented by new additional tree planting.

The application was approved by the Council’s Planning Committee at their meeting on 27 April 2022.