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Hinckley and Bosworth Consult on Draft Local Plan

The Council are consulting on a draft Local Plan, which is the next stage in the process for preparing a new local plan for the borough. The Local Plan is the key planning document for the borough and it will guide future development in Hinckley and Bosworth up to 2039. The draft plan sets out a preferred strategy for housing and economic growth and includes a number of planning policies covering a range of issues such as conserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment, sustainable transport, good design and responding to the challenges of climate change.

The policies will be used to guide development and respond to economic, environmental and social issues within the borough. The draft Local Plan can be seen here - Draft Local Plan 2020-2039 (PDF)

If you have any interests that might be affected by the new local plan, Tyler Parkes would be happy to advise you of the best way forward. Representations MUST be submitted by 27th August 2021. If you wish us to look into this for you, in order to give us sufficient time to make the best possible submission on your behalf, we would ask you to contact us with your instructions by Monday 26th July 2021.


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