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Call for Sites in Coventry & Tamworth

Coventry and Tamworth Councils are looking for landowners and developers to put forward sites as part of 'Call for Sites'.

Coventry City Council's request is restricted to brownfield sites only. These are required to help the Council identify potential sites that may be able to help meet the city’s development needs (housing, employment, leisure etc). All of the sites submitted will be subjected to a detailed assessment in order to establish their suitability, availability and achievability in meeting the development needs of Coventry.

Coventry's Call for Sites closes on 1st June 2022. We would be happy to discuss making potential submissions on your behalf as early as possible.

Tamworth Borough Council's last comprehensive Call for Sites took place in 2012 and the current exercise is to provide evidence for the Tamworth Local Plan review.

It is an opportunity to promote sites for future housing and employment development which will help the Council prepare their Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment and Brownfield Land Register.

The closing date for Tamworth's exercise is not specified but we would recommend anyone who might wish to work with us to bring forward land for development in Tamworth to contact us without delay.


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