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All change? What next in planning?

We have been having a quick look at Labour's manifesto commitments to see what changes in planning are likely to be introduced by the new administration over the coming months. Rachel Reeves, the new Chancellor, has also just made her first major speech (8th July), which also confirms the manifesto commitments.

In their manifesto, Labour said it would demand council Green Belt reviews and publish draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) revisions by the end of July 2024. The Chancellor’s speech on 8th July confirmed that the review of Green Belt boundaries will prioritise brownfield and "grey belt" land to meet housebuilding targets. In her speech, Rachel Reeves also confirmed that the Deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner would write to local councils and planning authorities to review Green Belt boundaries.


The revised NPPF is likely to include reimposing housing “targets” to ensure that councils are meeting local housing needs. The new Government have a target of 1.5 million homes over the next parliament, i.e. 300,000 houses annually.

The Labour manifesto confirmed the administration will “reform and strengthen the presumption in favour of sustainable development”, while taking “tough action” to ensure that planning authorities have up-to-date local plans. The delivery of infrastructure will be a key component of a revised NPPF.

The Chancellor’s speech confirmed that the effective ban on onshore wind developments would be scrapped and decisions on large projects will be taken nationally, rather than locally.

The manifesto also proposed a drive to recruit 300 new planning officers to help speed the rate at which local authorities grant permission for developments. In August, the creation of a “first dibs” scheme will be a priority. This is a voluntary housing scheme piloted in London, which gives local ­people priority for new homes before overseas investors.


So, lots of change on the way - watch this space for further updates!



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