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  • John Baggott

Amended Approval for Green Belt Medical Centre

We reported earlier this year on our success in securing planning permission for the erection of a new 2,800 sq.m. Medical Centre located within the Green Belt to the east of Marston Green, on behalf of our Client Marston Medical Ltd.

Following a review of the scheme a series of necessary alterations were identified by the Project Team, the most significant being a need to raise the roof height of the single-storey wing of the building. We were instructed to secure permission for the necessary amendments as swiftly as possible to avoid any delays to the build programme which could have had significant financial implications for the Project.

To this end we quickly engaged with Solihull Council Planners to discuss the nature and extent of the amendments and to agree the most appropriate form of application, culminating in the submission of a Minor Material Amendment application.

We are delighted to be able report that permission was granted on 18 November 2019 for the necessary amendments under delegated powers, without the need to be reported to Planning Committee, within 5 weeks from our submission.

We are grateful to Council Officers for their recognition of the importance of this development to the Marston Green community and their assistance in helping ensure that this exciting project remains on track.


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