• Seb Kouyoumjian

Success for West Midlands Fire Service

We have secured a crucial planning permission at Perry Barr, Birmingham for West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS). The permission allows WMFS to create a new access to their eight existing houses behind Perry Barr Fire Station. Our approved proposal means the houses could be accessed separately to the access used by fire and rescue vehicles.

The current awkward layout of the site means the houses can only be reached by using an emergency vehicle access route. Originally, the houses were meant for on-site fire service staff so sharing an access did not create any problems.

However, over the years, fire station staffing has changed with an increase in part-time staff. This has rendered the on-site housing redundant. Our Architectural team prepared plans showing the new access and the application was submitted by our Planning team. The application was approved by Birmingham City Council Planning Committee on 18 July 2019.

Securing this much needed permission for WMFS allows our Clients to move towards selling the site as a stand-alone development, as it continues to sell off non-essential property in order to fund its life-saving services.