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Permitted Development Changes Announced

There have been various changes mooted to permitted development (PD) lately, so we thought it would be useful to provide a round-up for you of what is in the pipeline.

Extending Upwards

It has been announced that in autumn 2019 a new PD right will be introduced to permit extensions upwards on certain existing buildings in commercial and residential use to deliver additional homes. Any proposal will need to respect the design of the existing streetscape and ensure that the amenity of neighbours is taken into consideration. The technical details, including any limit on the overall height and type of buildings covered by the new PD rights, have yet to be announced.

Permanent Changes of Use to Offices

It is proposed that in spring and autumn 2019, PD rights will be introduced allowing a wide range of town centre uses to convert to offices. For example, it is anticipated that the new right would allow A1 shops, A2 financial and professional services, A5 hot food takeaways, and betting shops, pay day loan shops and launderettes to change use to a B1 office. The PD changes should also allow A5 takeaways to change to C3 residential use. Again, technical details have not as yet been published.

Temporary Changes of Use for the High Street

It is anticipated that new temporary PD rights will be introduced this spring which will apply for 3 years. These include temporary changes of use between various high street uses, such as A1 shops, A2 financial and professional services, A3 restaurants and cafes, A5 hot food takeaways, B1 offices, D1 non-residential institutions, D2 assembly and leisure uses, betting shops and pay day loan shops will be allowed to change to shops, financial and professional services, restaurants and cafes or offices. The aim is to allow business start-ups to test the market, to help ensure premises are not left empty, and to support flexibility. Technical details have not as yet been published.

Householder Rear Extensions

It is anticipated that the temporary PD right which has allowed larger single-storey rear extensions to homes, currently due to expire on 30th May 2019, will be made permanent and will be subject to ‘a proportionate fee’. The PD right, which was introduced in 2013, allows homeowners to extend to the rear of domestic properties by eight metres for detached houses and by six metres for any other type of house, subject to a simplified application process.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

PD rights currently allow off-street electric vehicle charging stands up to 1.6 metres in height. It is anticipated that this height restriction will be increased in the spring.

Proposed removal of existing PD Rights

It is understood that a temporary PD right for changes of use from storage to residential use will not be extended and will therefore lapse on 10th June 2019.

PD rights that have allowed telephone kiosks with advertising attached to be erected without requiring planning permission/ advertisement consent will also be removed, following concerns that the current system has been subject to abuse, resulting in a proliferation of new telephone kiosks.


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