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Green Belt Medical Centre: Solihull Council’s Approval Ratified

Further to our previous article in February 2019, Tyler Parkes is pleased to confirm that Solihull Council has now formally granted planning permission for the erection of a new 2,800 sq.m. Medical Centre located within the Green Belt to the east of Marston Green, on behalf of Marston Medical Ltd.

As previously reported, this is an exciting £8M project, which will deliver a brand new Medical Centre offering a wide range of medical services and facilities, in-line with the Government’s drive to ease pressure and demand upon the major hospitals. This will be of significant benefit to existing and future patients as Marston Green continues to grow on the back of significant levels of new house building in and around the Village.

Working as part of a larger Project Team, Tyler Parkes has taken the lead on all planning matters in respect of this planning application. We successfully presented the compelling and demonstrable need for a new Medical Centre to serve Marston Green as amounting to the very special circumstances to justify the grant of planning permission in the Green Belt.

Solihull Planning Committee unanimously resolved to Approve our Client’s planning application at its Planning Committee on 13th February 2019. Having since being referred to the National Planning Casework Unit, as required by planning legislation, the Secretary of State has confirmed that the application

need not be called-in and that Solihull Council are free to determine the application locally. Planning permission was formally granted on 12th March 2019.


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