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Regulation Changes – Including Agricultural-to-Residential Conversions

The government has this week announced three important proposed changes to the Permitted Development rights which are to come into force this April.

Agricultural buildings to residential (Class Q):

An amended development right for the change of use of agricultural buildings to provide up to five new homes, including -

  • Up to three larger homes within a maximum of 465m²; or

  • Up to five smaller homes each no larger than 100m²; or

  • A mix of both, within a total of no more than five homes, of which no more than three may be larger homes.

The previous provisions allowed up to 3 dwellings only on each agricultural holding and only up to 450m². It looks like certain exemptions will still apply (i.e. not for barns in AONB, Listed Buildings, or Conservation Areas etc.) but the details have yet to be published.

Storage & distribution to residential (Class P)

Now more time allowed to convert. Applicants will have a further year in which to benefit from the temporary permitted development right for the change of use of existing commercial buildings. The right will be extended by a year until 10 June 2019. Previously the regulations said conversion works had to be started before 15th April 2018.

Agricultural buildings (Part 6) A further measure has been announced to help farmers adopt the latest innovations in modern farming practices by increasing the size limit of new agricultural buildings on larger farms from 465m² to 1,000m². The government has not yet issued the proposed new regulations, so there may well be further details to consider, but this is certainly good news for owners of buildings affected by these changes


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