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‘Upward extensions’ policy proposed in NPPF

The Government has confirmed that upward extensions to existing buildings will be supported by ministers through amendments to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) rather than being brought forward through new permitted development rights. It is considered that this will assist in making more efficient use of land and buildings, and building at higher densities.

The amendment to the NPPF is intended to make it easier to build upwards on existing blocks of flats or houses by approximately two storeys. The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has confirmed that the additions would be required to be in keeping with the character of the area and rooflines of adjacent buildings, in particular with regard to listed buildings or conservation areas.

Housing Secretary Sajiid Javid confirmed that the Government would back this ‘new generation of town houses’ in particular in cities such as London or Manchester ‘to ease pressure on valuable open spaces and help growing families’. The move is considered to assist in the protection of open spaces in inner city areas, maintain the character of residential areas, safeguard neighbours’ privacy and prevent so called garden-grabbing.

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