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Success against Enforcement Action in Sutton Coldfield

We are delighted to report we have been instrumental in securing the withdrawal of an Enforcement Notice, in the Four Oaks Conservation Area in Sutton Coldfield, on behalf of a client who had erected a boundary fence to his property.

Before Tyler Parkes’ involvement, the Council had requested the homeowner make a retrospective planning application for the retention of the fence. This was duly refused by the Council. When we became involved to appeal the decision, it appeared to us that the fence did not in fact require planning permission and we approached the Council on that basis. Unfortunately the Council went onto issue an Enforcement Notice which would have required our client to submit an appeal against the Notice or to remove the fence. Our further approaches to the Council and the commissioning of a legal opinion to confirm our initial view secured the withdrawal of the Enforcement Notice - and a delighted client!

If you have an enforcement issue that you need assistance on, please call us on 0121 744 5511.

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