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Approval for six-bedroom replacement dwelling in Green Belt

We are pleased to have obtained planning permission for the demolition of Earlswood Court, an existing house, and its replacement with a six-bedroom dwelling on Leafy Lane in Earlswood, within the local authority area of Stratford District Council.

The site is set back from the road within 1.5ha of land in the open countryside in the Green Belt. Whilst Earlswood Court was occupied until recently, it is in very poor state of repair. Attempts to re-use the existing building were ruled out due to the amount of work required and the associated costs.

The replacement dwelling is of a similar size to the existing dwelling and therefore was not considered to be inappropriate development as outlined in national and local Green Belt planning policies. The proposed dwelling would be sited a comparable distance from Leafy Lane providing a turning and parking area to the front and an extensive garden to the rear.

The planning application followed a positive pre-application submission and was supported by a detailed ecological appraisal in order to adequately address concerns in respect of bats. Subsequently, planning permission was granted subject to conditions which included protected species mitigation


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