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  • David Carter

Update to South Warwickshire Local Plan

Warwick and Stratford on Avon District Councils are working together on the new South Warwickshire Local Plan (SWLP). There have already been two consultation exercises as well as Calls for Sites.

The Councils have now published a Consultation Statement and timetable update.

The Consultation Statement summarises the consultation process and provides an analysis of the responses to the consultation questions. The Consultation Statement does not include an appraisal of any of the sites that were submitted.

The consultation responses will inform the next stage of the Local Plan – the Preferred Options Consultation Document.

Following a meeting of the SWLP member Advisory Group on 19th October 2023, a revised timetable is being recommended for approval.

This envisages a Preferred Options consultation in autumn 2024 with final adoption of the SWLP by 2027. This represents a significant delay from the previous timetable which had envisaged adoption in 2025. Anticipated changes to the planning system changes could further impact on the schedule.

We will continue to monitor progress and should you would wish to discuss the implications for your land, please contact us.


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