• David Carter

Small Scale Self-Build Housing Proposals in Chadwick End

We are excited to be working with a client on proposals for small-scale self-build housing in Chadwick End.

Plans for 2 small sites comprising 4 dwellings on Warwick Road and 5 dwellings on Netherwood Lane respectively have been drawn up as a basis for initial consultation with the local community. Subject to the response to the consultation, the proposals will be revised as necessary and submitted for consideration by Solihull Council.

A leaflet setting out the proposals has been circulated to the local community and is reproduced in the images below. You can download a PDF version of the leaflet by clicking the link below.

As part of the consultation we are also interested in finding people who might wish to purchase a self-build plot should planning permission be granted.

Wed Consultation Leaflet June 2022
Download PDF • 973KB

The online questionnaire is available at https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/vnvbfxh

Paper copies of the leaflet were also distributed to the local community and further copies can be made available on request.