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Sandwell Consult on Issues & Options and ‘Call for Sites’

Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council have begun consulting on their Issues and Options stage of their Local Plan. The Sandwell Local Plan will be the statutory planning framework for the whole Borough and will guide planning decisions on all development and regeneration activity up to 2041. Once adopted, it will replace the current Sandwell Development Plan.

The consultation started Monday 6th February and runs until 5pm on Monday 20th March. This Issues and Options stage seeks views on how the Council can best meet the Borough’s housing, economic and transport needs, as well as protecting the local environment. The Sandwell Local Plan will be the key planning and regeneration document for Sandwell. The Council confirms:

“It will plan for the area’s future local development needs and directs services to the right locations to meet local needs. It also makes sure the necessary level of investment is attracted to create jobs and wealth in our region. The current Sandwell Development Plan was adopted in 2011. It has shaped the housing, industrial and retail growth of our region, whilst protecting the environment and greenbelt. It has also been successful in supporting regeneration for the past ten years.

The Plan now needs to be reviewed to meet the new challenges and opportunities for the coming years, up to 2041. We are launching a consultation to make sure that everyone across the Sandwell has the opportunity to have their say on the plans for the Borough.”

The Issues and Options consultation is accompanied by a ‘Call for Sites’, so now is the time to put forward any sites to be considered by the Council for future allocation/ development.

If you would like us to review and comment on the Sandwell Local Plan Issues and Options or submit a ‘Call for Sites’ on your behalf, or for more details of the consultation, please contact our Planning Team by Friday 24th February at the latest.


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