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  • John Baggott

More Permitted Development Rights Proposed

The Government launched a new permitted development rights consultation on 24th July 2023 which seeks views on variety of changes to permitted development rights including, but not restricted to:

  • Changes of use from Class E (Commercial, Business and Serve uses) and specific Sui Generis uses to Class C3 dwelling houses;

  • Changes that allow agricultural diversification and development on agricultural units, including making provision for extensions to be erected as part of the changes of use, which is not currently the case;

  • Changes to allow for non-domestic extensions and the erection of new industrial and warehouse buildings;

  • Changes that allows for the temporary use of land to allow markets to operate for more days than is currently the case;

  • The application of local design codes to certain permitted development rights.

Somewhat bizarrely, the Government has also tacked-on a call for evidence led by Defra seeking views on, amongst other things, farm efficiency projects!

The permitted development rights consultation runs until 25th September 2023. Click on the following link to be taken to the Government’s consultation page: Permitted development rights - GOV.UK (

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