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  • Gail Collins

Solihull Local Plan Update AND Additional Call for Sites!

Solihull Council has notified us of its Local Plan update, as well as an additional Call for Sites.

Further to our end of January website article, the Council have confirmed that they intend to undertake the next consultation on the Draft Local Plan Review this summer.

If the Council meet their summer target, they anticipate that the Solihull Local Plan Rev

iew would be submitted (together with all representations made in response to the public consultation) to the Secretary of State in the autumn,

with an independent examination taking place winter 2020/21, and adoption of the plan in spring/summer 2021. The summer consultation will be the last opportunity to comment on the proposed polices and allocations and only those who make representations to this consultation will be eligible to respond to the examination inspector’s ‘Issues, Matters and Questions’, make further written comments or to speak at the hearing sessions. The Council is also carrying out an additional ‘Call for Sites’ for any new sites. The deadline to receive completed submissions is Friday 3 April. If you have, or are aware of, any new sites that you would like the Council to consider, please do contact our Planning Team on 0121 744 5511 as soon as possible.

We will of course continue to monitor the situation – just keep an eye on our website or give us a call!


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