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  • Gail Collins

Permissions for Henley Dental Care

We are delighted to have obtained planning permission and advertisement consent in the Henley in Arden Conservation Area for the change of use of an existing shop and house to a dental practice with associated signage.

Our Client, Henley Dental Care, currently operates a successful NHS dental practice at 106 High Street but wishes to relocate to larger and more accessible premises. The relocation would allow the Practice to take on more staff and cater for more patients, and additional opening hours are proposed. The new premises would offer more downstairs space than presently available and would increase accessibility for elderly and disabled patients. On the first floor, a staff room, staff office and further dental surgery rooms are proposed. Minimal changes to the fascia signage are also proposed.

We provided full architectural plans and planning support with the applications, and dealt with matters arising during their processing, including flooding concerns raised by the Council.

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