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  • Gail Collins

Celebrity Planning Controversies!

It has caught our eye that there have been a recent spate of celebrity planning stories in the press.

Former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has been objecting to singer Robbie Williams’ plans to build a luxury basement complex under his Grade II listed house in Kensington. Mr Page argues that the construction of the proposed basement swimming pool and gym will create vibrations that could damage his gothic-style Grade I listed home, designed by architect William Burges. Page addressed Kensington and Chelsea’s Planning Committee, causing them to defer consideration of the application. He has vowed to ‘fight it all the way’.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran has been running into difficulty with his proposals for building a private chapel in the grounds of his home. He has submitted a planning application for the Saxon-style structure to Suffolk Coastal District Council. Suffolk Wildlife Trust have objected, saying there are records of Great Crested Newts in the area in 2015 and it is possible that ponds within the site boundaries ‘could be breeding sites for this species’. Ed will need to commission a Great Crested Newt survey which will no doubt delay the outcome of his planning application.

This all goes to show that even if you are a world superstar, you can’t sing your way out of planning problems and need proper planning advice.

Both applications remain undetermined.


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