• Laura Pohl

Bromsgrove District Local Plan Review delayed

The forthcoming consultation on the Bromsgrove District Local Plan Review on its ‘Issues and Options’, originally scheduled for July 2018, has been delayed until at least September 2018.

The Council had hoped that the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would be in place by now, in order to have a better understanding what is expected from local authorities nationwide with regard to housing numbers, the proposed new standardised housing methodology and the consideration of wider planning issues.

However, as the publication of the NPPF has been delayed, Bromsgrove District Council has now confirmed this has an impact on the consultation period of their Local Plan review. This also includes a delay on the Green Belt Review and the proposed ‘Call for Sites’.

The Council has also confirmed that the Strategic Housing Lane Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Update 2017 is currently being finalised. However, new sites will not be accepted until the proposed ‘Call for Sites’ takes place later this year.