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Success for Class Q dwellings in Solihull Green Belt

Tyler Parkes has been successful on two separate sites, receiving confirmation that prior approval is not required and work can start on converting the agricultural buildings to residential dwellings.

Both sites are located within the Green Belt of Solihull and the required prior notification applications were accompanied by structural surveys and our detailed planning supporting statements, setting out why the conversions are in accordance with the regulations. We also prepared and submitted detailed drawings for each building showing how the conversions would be set out, explaining that only minimal works would be required.

On both occasions the Council agreed with our view that the conversions would be considered permitted development and our clients are now in a position to convert their buildings to dwellings.

If you have an agricultural building which may be appropriate for residential conversion and would like to understand whether it might benefit from permitted development rights, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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