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Permission for New Green Belt House

We have won planning permission from Stratford District Council’s Planning Committee for a new detached house. The 320m² house, designed by us, sits within the Green Belt settlement of Wood End.

The site is on Poolhead Lane within an established row of residences, all of which are set on large plots and with gaps of varying sizes between each house.

Our clients wanted to demolish their existing garage, next to their current house, to provide space for a new house. Such 'infill' is currently permissible under the Council’s planning policies, specifically the recently-adopted Core Strategy.

In order to reduce the risk of a refusal, we made a pre-application before making a full submission. This established the Council’s view on the proposal. As the other houses on the road have no overriding style, the council welcomed the contemporary design. However, following the submission of the planning application, the Parish Council objected to the proposal on the grounds of its design. The application therefore had to be decided at the Council’s Planning Committee, where it was approved.

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