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Strategic Growth Plan for Leicester & Leicestershire: Views Requested

The nine local authorities in Leicester & Leicestershire, together with the Local Enterprise Partnership, are preparing a Strategic Growth Plan which is currently out for consultation.

The first stage in the preparation of the Plan was the Strategic Growth Statement which was published in August 2016. This was a high level document setting out some overall objectives for the area and describing the types of options that the authorities would be considering when planning for growth.

Following on from this, a Draft Plan has now been prepared for public consultation and can be found using this link This .Draft Plan identifies broad locations where the local authorities think that development might take place and the infrastructure needed to deliver it.

Consultation on the Draft Plan extends until 5 April 2018. If you have any land interests in Leicester or wider Leicestershire and would like our assistance on the commenting on the Draft Plan, please do contact our Planning Policy team on 0121 744 5511.


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