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New permitted development rights for change of use from light industrial to residential introduced

On 1st October, new permitted development rights were introduced to allow the change of use from light industrial to residential use temporarily for 3 years. To comply with the permitted development right, the requirements include that the building must have been used solely for light industrial (Use Class B1(c)) on 19th March 2014 (or when last in use if not in use on or since that date), the maximum floor space to be created must not exceed 500 sq.m., and the building must not be listed or within the curtilage of a listed building.

In line with other similar changes of use, this new permitted development right is subject to a prior approval process and permission will be required from the Council to assess possible impacts arising from transport, contamination, flood risk and sustainability on services, which means that the area should not be classified as ‘important’ for light industrial activities.

If permitted, the development is subject to the condition that it be completed within a period of three years starting with the date of prior approval. The prior approval date must be before 1st October 2020


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