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Approval of dwellings in South Staffordshire Green Belt

The Tyler Parkes team has been successful in obtaining planning permission for residential development near the village of Bednall in the South Staffordshire Green Belt, after a 12 year battle with the Council.

The site had received planning permission for the replacement of a large farmhouse in 1999 which was renewed in 2004. The house had been demolished but whilst works had commenced, the replacement had not actually been built which represented a significant ‘fallback’ position.

Between 2004 and 2009, three different planning applications had been submitted by other agents, seeking alternative ways of developing the site with small housing schemes but all were refused by the Council. Two of these proposals were also taken to appeal, but both were dismissed for various reasons.

In 2013 Tyler Parkes was instructed to review the situation, and having analysed the planning history and the appeal decisions, Director Gareth Jones advised that there was a good prospect of obtaining planning permission, and by way of a re-design of the layout, the Inspectors’ concerns could be addressed.

Accordingly a planning application was submitted by the project architects for a revised scheme of two new dwellings, designed with our input, to have less overall impact on the Green Belt than the approved dwelling in 2004. This was accompanied by a detailed Planning Support Statement, which argued that very special circumstances existed which would justify the granting of planning permission in the Green Belt.

The application was initially refused because the case officer had misinterpreted the proposals, although it was subsequently conceded that the scheme had actually been acceptable. The application was therefore re-submitted and appeared at the Planning Committee on 18th July and it was eventually resolved to grant planning permission subject to the completion of an appropriate S106 Agreement.

Tyler Parkes are delighted to have been instrumental in achieving this excellent result for their client after so many previous attempts.


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