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Permission granted for three new dwellings in the Green Belt

We are delighted to have obtained planning permission on behalf of our client Land Development and Estates Ltd by Stratford-on-Avon’s Planning Committee for the demolition of existing buildings and their replacement with three detached residential dwellings in the Green Belt on Cut Throat Lane, approx. 1.8km to the east of Hockley Heath.

The site and buildings were previously in agricultural use until they were converted to equine use in 1992. The site is currently derelict, only being used sporadically and the proposed development will create 3 three-bedroom, detached dwellings, all two storeys in height, as well as three detached garages to the rear of the site. This would result in a smaller total footprint and volume of buildings than currently present. The proposed dwellings will be of an attractive cottage design, well related to the area, benefiting

from rear and front gardens with boundary hedging.

The Council considered that the proposed development would offer a significant benefit in terms of the openness of the Green Belt and would therefore deemed to be ‘not inappropriate development’.

The Planning Officer recommended approval of the application, however, due to an objection from the Parish Council the application had to be decided at the Planning Committee, where the scheme was approved subject to conditions.


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