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Rise in planning fees on the way in July

Following an error in a recent publication by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), it has been confirmed that planning fees shall rise by 20% in July 2017.

The document, providing guidance on Brownfield Registers and Permission in Principle, confirmed the Government’s commitment to implement legislation which shall enable councils to increase planning fees by 20%, as long as the local planning authority agrees to use the resources raised for planning. Whilst originally the document stated that “…it is intended that the regulations, subject to parliamentary approval, should bring forward this increase in the autumn,” it has since been amended to state that the rise shall occur this July.

The increase in planning fees is part of the Government’s plan to “…take steps to secure the financial sustainability of planning departments; ensure the planning system has the skilled professionals it needs to assess and make the tough decision we expect; and provide targeted support to address areas of specialist weakness,” as set out in the Housing White Paper, published February


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