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Permission granted for car park extension at Mercedes Benz of Worcester

The Tyler Parkes team is delighted to have obtained planning permission for the demolition of Events House, an existing building previously used for conferences/events and the use of the site as an extension to the existing car parking areas at Mercedes Benz of Worcester.

Mercedes-Benz of Worcester is a well-established car dealership with ancillary workshops/parts store and carwash which currently employs 70 people.

The dealership has a comprehensive programme to modernise and improve the facilities at the existing premises, to ensure that it is able to effectively respond to market demands now and into the future, allowing for consolidation and growth at this location. In recent years, we have also obtained planning permission for a number of alterations and extensions on the site, including an enlarged showroom and new car wash facilities.

The dealership site is very short of parking facilities. To address this issue the proposal includes the demolition of the existing building to provide the additional parking which will comprise a mix of customer & service parking and the display of cars.

A pre-application inquiry was submitted to the Council to establish whether there were any significant concerns with the proposal; they confirmed that the building was of no architectural interest and subject to appropriate lighting and closure of one of the existing accesses there should be no issues with the proposed application. The submitted proposals were amended to reflect these comments, and subsequently the formal planning application process went smoothly, and permission was granted accordingly


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