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Coventry Consulting on Proposed Modifications to Local Plan and Area Action Plan

Following public Examination of the Coventry Local Plan and City Centre Area Action Plan (AAP), concluding January 2017, the Inspector advised a number of changes would be needed to make the plans suitable for adoption. Coventry City Council are therefore proposing ‘Main Modifications’ to both plans and these have been published for public consultation until Friday 28th April 2017.

The proposed Main Modifications seek to take account of the Inspector's ‘Action Points’ from the Examination Hearing sessions, as well as respond to consultation responses and the wider discussions during the examination process.

Representations can only be submitted in response to the Main Modifications and not to other aspects of the Submitted Plans.

After the close of the consultation, representations received in response to the proposed Main Modifications will be collated by the Council and forwarded to the Inspector for consideration. It is anticipated that the Inspector’s final recommendations will be made in a report to Coventry City Council later this year, after which the Council would look to adopt the plans which will then become the basis for all planning decisions in the area


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