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Approval in AONB

We are pleased to have obtained planning permission for extensions to an existing cottage and garage within the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

The detached property is situated in the open countryside between the villages of Suckley and Longley Green, approx. 12km to the south of Worcester.

This proposal is for the erection of an extension to the existing cottage and the construction of a new garage with a proposed workshop on the first floor. The Cottage was altered previously but this was considered to be somewhat unsympathetic.

The approved proposal would be of high design quality and would assist in conserving and enhancing the special qualities of the landscape which is clearly encouraged and supported by adopted national and local planning policies for proposals within AONBs. Although objections were received from the AONB Partnership, the planning officer considered that there was no harm to the area and granted planning permission accordingly


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