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New warehouse approved near Coventry Airport

The Tyler Parkes team is delighted to have obtained planning permission for a large warehouse and office development at Middlemarch Business Park near Coventry Airport on behalf of our client Stoford Properties Ltd. This follows our securing of an earlier planning permission for another warehouse on the adjacent site for the same clients.

Middlemarch Business Park is a high quality and modern distribution park with an overall size of around 40 ha, which was largely developed over the last 15 years. The site lies within the Warwick District Council area.

The proposed development comprises the erection of a new building for Class B2/B8 uses with ancillary offices, landscaping, access and parking. The development will be served from a new vehicular access and a total of approximately 110 car parking spaces is to be provided to the front of the building. The scheme, as well as the adjacent approved warehouse, were designed by architects Webb Gray Ltd. The proposed two new warehouses will together provide over 28,000 m2 of floorspace and create a significant number of jobs.

Warwick District Council confirmed that the proposal was entirely acceptable in terms of national and local planning policy and would have economic benefits by providing new jobs and would improve the appearance of the site


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