The Gables

Architecture and Planning Services

Client: Private Family

Location: Solihull

Sector: Residential

Size: 320m²

Status: Permission granted 2018

The site is a large garden space next to the Clients' current, traditional-looking detached house. The house no longer suited their needs, so they wanted to take advantage of their large side garden to build the house they have always wanted.

We were asked to design a contemporary detached house. Through several meetings with our client, we came up with a design which pays special attention to maximising space and internal daylighting. Rooms are oriented to give privacy and wide views of the surrounding countryside.


We approached the Council for pre-application advice before making a full submission. This established they were favourable towards the principle of a new house in this location before we had carried out too much design work.


As the other houses on the road had no overriding style, the council welcomed the contemporary design. However, following the submission of the planning application, the Parish Council objected to the proposal on the grounds of its design. The application therefore had to be decided at the Council’s Planning Committee. We presented the legislative reasons and practical benefits why the application should be approved, and the committee swiftly decided in our favour.

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