Balsall Common Village Extension

Master Planning Services


Client: Consortium of Landowners

Location: Balsall Common Village, West Midlands

Sector: Residential

Size: 10 Ha

Status: Proposed for Inclusion in Solihull Local Plan


We are providing lead consultancy, planning, and master planning design for the extension of Balsall Common village by approximately 300 homes. 


The site, a large part of which is brownfield, was promoted by us to be included in Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council's (SMBC) Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). The SHELAA is an evidence document used to designate land for residential development in councils' Local Plans, to meet predicted housing needs.

The site is ideal as existing roads form a 'hard edge' to the surrounding green belt. We propose a green buffer (trees, swales, hedging) and new low-density housing near the rural-feeling boundaries of the site. More closely arranged housing is positioned near the existing urban area and around a central playground and shared space. These and other features give focal points, to help  navigation around the site. 

As part of the submission, we presented the scheme at a public consultation, beside developers presenting other sites in the village. Over 600 residents attended to view the proposals and voice their views. Following support for our proposal from residents and Balsall Common Parish Council, we made a formal representations to SMBC for inclusion of this site in their local plan, which would pave the way for a planning application and development of the site. We anticipate the next stage, when a draft of SMBC's new local plan will be published for public comment, in Autumn 2020.  

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