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More Ways to Housing – New Permitted Development

Coming into force on 31st August are several changes to the permitted development rights enabling the creation of additional dwellings, including by building on the top of existing flats, commercial and mixed-use buildings, and on top of existing terraced and detached dwellings.

The Government has also introduced permitted development rights for the demolition of existing purpose built flats and single detached buildings in office, research and development or industrial use, or combination thereof, and their replacement with either a purpose-built detached block or flats or a detached dwelling.

There are also new considerations under the existing permitted development right for creating new dwellings on detached blocks of flats, bringing them in line with the limitations and conditions introduced on the above.

At Tyler-Parkes we appreciate how complex these permitted development rights can be. Please contact us for more details, as we are able to offer both architectural and planning services to design a scheme that meets these new conditions and limitations as well as prepare and co-ordinate the necessary documentation to support you through the planning process.

Amanda Stobbs, TPP

Photo by Michal Kubalczyk


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