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  • John Baggott

Local Plan-Making Reforms

Reforms to the local plans and minerals and waste plans system are now the subject of a 12 week public consultation, which runs until Wednesday 18th October 2023. The Government’s vision is for plans to be simpler to engage with and use, faster to prepare. I can’t help feel that we’ve heard all this before.

The intention is also that local plans are updated more often, with better opportunities for communities to shape the way their area meets its needs and evolves over time. Also, the Government’s aim is to bring plan making into the digital age by providing more accessible plans and policies, which are shaped by communities and stakeholders. Digital plans will be informed by up to date data to deliver better outcomes for plan makers and all users.

For more information, click on the following link to the Government’s consultation page: Plan-making reforms: consultation on implementation - GOV.UK (

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