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Cotswold Hotel Permission for Boat Accommodation

Cotswold District Council have granted planning permission for the construction of a pontoon and the mooring of a boat for use as guest accommodation, at the Fish Hotel, Willersey Hill, near Broadway.

Worked in conjunction with Alex Bolt of ARB Architecture (Broadway) who provided the details to support the planning application we submitted on behalf of The Farncombe Estate, and permission was granted on 22nd July. The boat accommodation will form part of the existing Fish Hotel, and it will be moored on the existing pond located within the woodland area, to the west of the hotel. The pond has an existing landscaped backdrop, enabling the boat accommodation to be sited in a sensitive manner, taking advantage of the natural setting.

The boat is 12.5m long and will provide guest accommodation extending to 27.5 sq.m. The proposed accommodation includes an en-suite master bedroom, galley and sitting areas. The boat is of handsome, sturdy construction and will make an attractive and unique contribution to the offer at the hotel, that will enhance the guest experience.

The boat, named The Surveyor No.6, is the last surviving River Mersey survey launch. It was carvel-built in copper-fastened mahogany on oak, by Henry B. Hornby & Co of Wallasey in 1963. The Surveyor-class half-deckers were designed for master mariners employed by the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. They were built by the Wallasey firm who built generations of rugged West African surf boats.

The Surveyor No.6 will now find its final home, welcoming guests in the Cotswolds!

The Fish can be seen here -


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