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  • Gail Collins

Budding Rock Star in our Midst?

One of our Planning Directors, Gail Collins, is an enthusiastic member of the Moseley Rock Collective, which is a section of Misfits Music Foundation, a registered Charity based in Moseley, Birmingham. Misfits is a small charity that helps adults play and perform music. Gail is one of their singers.

The Charity has applied for a lottery grant and has reached the final 5 charities in the ITV Central region. They recently performed on the ITV 6.00pm Regional news. Their bid is called Brum Rocks and is part of the Peoples Project.

The winner will be chosen by a public vote and if Brum Rocks wins, the target is to have a concert next year of 1,000+ musicians all playing rock music together.

Please vote for Brum Rocks by Friday 26th May. You can see Gail in action and vote via this link -


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