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  • Helen Winkler

Solihull Local Plan Review - New Timetable Agreed

Publication of the next iteration of the Solihull Local Plan Review (SLPR) has slipped considerably. An updated timetable was presented for consideration by Council Members at the ‘CHP Climate Change, Planning and Decision Session’ on 22nd January 2020 where it was agreed that the Council would now aim to publish the ‘final’ Draft Submission Plan for public consultation in the summer. If the Council meet this summer target, they anticipated that the SLPR would be submitted (together with all representations made in response to the public consultation) to the Secretary of State in the autumn with an independent examination taking place winter 2020/21, and adoption of the plan in spring/summer 2021. The summer consultation will be the last opportunity to comment on the proposed polices and allocations and only those who make representations to this consultation will be eligible to respond to the examination inspector’s ‘Issues, Matters and Questions’, make further written comments or to speak at the hearing sessions. If you have any land interests in Solihull that you would like to pursue through the SLPR or would like further information, please do contact our Planning Team on 0121 744 5511.


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