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A Bumper Crop of Birmingham HMO Permissions!

We are very pleased to have secured retrospective planning permission for our Clients for 5 larger Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in the Bournbrook area of Selly Oak, on the doorstep of the University of Birmingham. The permissions were all granted on the same day, so it was a full postbag – metaphorically speaking!

Planning permission is not normally required for the change of use of private houses to small HMO (between 3 to 6 residents) but has always been required for larger HMO over 6 residents. Our Clients own and manage a number of 7 and 8 person high-quality student HMOs. We worked closely with them in preparing the planning applications and provided the Council with a robust submission arguing why planning permission should be granted based on the circumstances of each property, the planning history of the area and consideration against the prevailing planning policy. We maintained close contact with the Planning Officer at the Council during the processing of the applications thereby ensuring that we were able to swiftly attend to any queries or issues arising. Our Clients are delighted with the outcome of the applications.

Lounge/ diner/ kitchen in one of the large HMOs

The University of Birmingham is ranked within the top 100 Universities in the world. The Bournbrook area lies on its doorstep is very popular with students. Demand for student housing in the area is high and the University’s ongoing expansion plans mean demand is likely to continue into the future. However, in response to concerns over the implications of new HMOs, to avoid excessive concentrations and to continue to monitor their distribution and the effects they have on the wider area, the City Council have confirmed they are introducing a City-wide restriction from June 2020 to require planning permission for small HMOs. The Council are also introducing more detailed Development Management policies to, amongst other matters, control the distribution of HMO in the City. Going forward this will affect the consideration of planning applications for small and large HMOs alike.

If you have any HMOs in Birmingham or are thinking of converting a house to an HMO and require any help with the proposed regulation and policy changes and how this may affect you, or if you wish to secure retrospective planning permission for your HMOs, please do contact Gail Collins at Tyler Parkes on 0121 744 5511.


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