• Laura Pohl

Permission granted for new hotel extension

Following pre-application discussions with Cotswold District Council, we are delighted to have received planning permission for an attractive new extension to the existing Fish Hotel near Broadway in the Cotswolds AONB.

The area proposed for the extension is located on the western side of the existing main hotel building and is currently used as an outdoor seating area which is significantly sloping towards the adjacent woodland and lake to the west. There are a number of trees within the application site which are of poor quality.

The detailed scheme proposes an extension to the existing Fish Hotel to provide 6 additional bedrooms. It would be connected to the building via a lightweight glazed link-walkway. The building would have the appearance of a single-storey structure when viewed from the hotel and would appear two-storey when viewed from the lake and woodland area. This is achieved by providing a lower ground floor which is built into the existing hill.

The overall design is similar to the established and recently constructed ecoperches, using cedar cladding and natural materials, in order to blend the extension into the existing landscape overlooking the surrounding countryside.

The application was supported by a tree and ecological survey, both confirming that there would be no impact on existing features. The Council also considered that the extension was appropriate in the context of the hotel and granted permission accordingly.

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