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Glamping Domes approved in Cotswolds AONB

We are pleased to have received another permission from Cotswold District Council for ten glamping domes on the Farncombe Estate, in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) outside the attractive village of Broadway.

The accommodation would form part of the existing Fish Hotel. The domes will be of an outstanding design, using high quality materials with a ‘forest green’ finish and will sit well within the area. They will respect the sensitive location of the AONB, providing innovative tourism accommodation from which guests can easily enjoy the countryside.

Each dome has an internal floorspace of approximately 20 sq.m. and incorporates modern conveniences, including a wood burning stove.

The proposed site is located within an area which is tucked away in amongst dense vegetation, screened from adjacent fields and not visible from any public viewpoints. The application was supported by detailed ecological and tree surveys which confirmed there would be no impact on the trees and vegetation surrounding the site.

The proposal is fully compliant with national and local planning policies which support economic growth of businesses within rural areas. Additional tourism facilities are considered to be acceptable if in-keeping with the existing buildings and the area.

The Planning Officer requested additional information on lighting prior to determination of the application. The submitted follow-up details were considered acceptable and planning permission was granted accordingly.


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