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  • Helen Winkler

Solihull Local Plan Review Consultation Expected Winter 2018

A report to be considered on 25th September at the ‘CPH Managed Growth Decision Session’ includes a proposed revised timetable for preparation of the Solihull Local Plan Review.

The proposed revised timetable is as follows:

· Publication of Draft Local Plan (Supplementary Update) – Winter 2018/19

· Publication of Submission Draft (for consultation) – Summer 2019

· Submission to Secretary of State – Autumn 2019

· Examination of plan – Winter 2019/2020

· Adoption of the Local Plan Review – Spring/Summer 2020

The report states that the Winter Draft consultation will be an opportunity to seek views on additional/alternative sites that may be required to either accommodate an increase in housing numbers and/or replace site(s) that may not be taken forward from the previous version of the Draft Local Plan into the submission version. The consultation will focus on identifying potential additional and/or alternative sites, and, reviewing the overall housing numbers in the context of the standard methodology.

If you have previously made representations on the Draft Plan it will be important to review the revised plan. Please contact our Policy team should you have any queries on 0121 744 5511.

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