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  • Gail Collins

Success at Hydro Electric Plant

Tyler Parkes are pleased to have obtained planning permission, albeit temporary, to allow the retention of a protective structure over a hydro power station access hatch in the Nottinghamshire Green Belt, on behalf of Holme Hydro Ltd.

We previously obtained planning permission for the hydro-electric power plant, near Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre. The scheme utilises the hydroelectric potential of the River Trent at the drop across an old filled-in lock, the Holme Old Lock. The plant has been designed to generate enough electricity to supply the average needs of 700 homes, displacing 1,770 tonnes of CO2 which would otherwise arise from fossil fuel based generation.

In the original application for the plant we had to address heritage, residential amenity and Green Belt issues. The plant has been installed and operational but due to maintenance requirements, a temporary cover has been needed to protect the electrical equipment and the engineers inside the plant from the ingress of rain. In approving the temporary permission, the Council have requested that a longer term, more permanent solution to weather protection be found.


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