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  • Helen Winkler

Sport England Publishes Updated Playing Field Planning Guidance

Sport England is a statutory consultee for all planning applications that affect playing fields. The ‘Playing Fields Policy and Guidance’ states that Sport England will oppose the granting of planning permission for any development which would lead to the loss of, or would prejudice the use of: all or any part of a playing field; or land which has been used as a playing field and remains undeveloped; or land allocated for use as a playing field unless, the development as a whole meets with one or more of five specific exceptions.

These include: if robust evidence demonstrates that there is an excess of playing field provision in the catchment, which will remain the case should the development be permitted, and the site has no special significance to the interests of sport; or the area of playing field to be lost as a result of the proposed development will be replaced, prior to the commencement of development, by a new area of playing field of equivalent or better quality, quantity, and be in a suitable location, and with equivalent or better access.


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