• TP Editorial Team

Two new dwellings approved in Kingswood, Lapworth

Warwick District Council has just granted us planning permission for the construction of two detached dwellings to the rear of an existing dwelling on Old Warwick Road within the village of Kingswood, Lapworth. Ritchie and Ritchie Architects designed the scheme.

The site covers the rear most garden section of an existing dwelling. The proposed two 5-bedroom dwellings would be of traditional design and appearance, reflecting the predominant local character. Both dwellings would sit in attractive characteristically large plots. The extensive rear garden of the existing property would be reduced as part of the proposal but still providing entirely acceptable amenity space.

In the recently adopted New Warwick Local Plan, the site has been removed from the Green Belt and is located within the Growth Village of Kingswood where residential development is considered to be appropriate in principle. The officer agreed with our view and confirmed that there would be no material harm caused to the character of the wider area, the amenity of neighbouring properties or the highway network. Planning Permission was therefore granted accordingly under delegated powers.

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