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Beware! The Bat Activity Survey Season is coming to an end

We would like to make you aware that the season for emergence and dawn-entry bat activity surveys is soon coming to an end. Weather dependent, the cut-off is likely to be mid to end of September. Therefore, if you have any sites which have the potential for a bat presence and where you are considering submitting a planning application in the near future, we would strongly advise you to commission bat activity surveys before it is too late.

Whilst during the winter months a preliminary bat survey would be able to determine the likely potential that bats might be using a building, a planning application will require a full emergence/dawn-entry survey conducted during the active season where it is suspected that bats are likely to be present. There is a risk that planning applications might not be validated without the full bat activity survey work unless the site is considered to be of low potential for bats and where no further surveys are required.

The bat survey season will recommence around April, depending upon the weather, when bats are active again and engaged in foraging and breeding activity.

Consequently, to avoid unwelcome delays to any of your site proposals, we recommend you act now by getting an ecological consultancy involved to undertake any necessary bat survey assessments. If you require any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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